A 26-year-old young QA engineer. What is her way of working that allows her to experience diversity?

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Twenty-six-year-old Karina works as a QA engineer for AdSIST, an automated customer attraction tool developed in-house.
She majored in French at a university in Indonesia and worked as an engineer before marrying her Japanese husband in Indonesia. After returning to Japan with her husband, she continued to work in the same field as in her home country and is now at the forefront of her field.



Joined the company in 2019 and is part of the QA engineering team at AdSIST.
She is originally from Indonesia. After working as an engineer in her home country, she got married internationally and moved to Japan with her Japanese husband. After being assigned as a QA Engineer, she was awarded MVP in 2020, one year after joining the company. As an early member of the AdSIST development team, she is still at the forefront of the field.

Living in Japan for the first time. What event led to know “COREKARA”?

What made you apply to “COREKARA”?

When I decided to live in Japan with my husband, I found a job site for foreigners that was looking for IT engineers and applied.

So that’s what it was.

In Japan, the main language is Japanese. For this reason, I have the impression that many companies are still lagging behind in hiring foreign engineers when it comes to engineers for whom not only knowledge and skills but also communication skills are extremely important.

How has it been working for you?

The department I am working in now is a team with many foreign staff, so communication in English is very helpful.

It is unusual for a domestic company of 100 people, which is not a foreign company, to have a team of mainly foreigners.

I think it is very rare. Also, we have English-speaking staff in the HR department, so sometimes important internal announcements are sent to us in English. So for now, I have no trouble communicating in English and Japanese.


Are you interested in joining us as a engineer?

How do you work as a QA Engineer? 

Please tell us about the work you are currently doing.

I am involved in the development of AdSIST, an AI-type automated ad management system. AdSIST is a system that automatically distributes advertisements to LINE, Google, Yahoo!, and various social networking sites by linking to the systems of mail order sites and websites used mainly in Japan. As a QA engineer, I am responsible for testing bugs before release.

What is the most difficult part of your job?

When a service is released, it is always checked by us QA engineers. Therefore, I have to be careful because if my judgment is not good enough, an inadequate service will be provided.

That’s a lot of responsibility. Is there anything that you pay attention to when you work?

I have to meet the deadlines. We are developing an important service that will become a pillar of the company, so it is my job to coordinate with the QA engineers to make sure they meet the deadline.

To do this, I actively communicate not only with the QA engineers I am in charge of, but also with the entire development department to understand their movements and follow up with them to make sure they meet the deadline.


Have you changed the way you communicate before and after COVID?

It has changed a lot. Before, we used to have lunch together and exchange information, but now I mostly work from home. So we keep in touch via chat and build a strong relationship while working.

Isn’t it difficult to communicate only through chat?

Being able to communicate in English is one of our strengths, but it is difficult because we have many unique staff members from different backgrounds working for us. Therefore, it is essential to share and follow up on as many situations as possible. Also, I think the corporate culture that allows us to work freely is unique to this company.

Are you interested in joining us as a engineer?

Individuality = The Future of Diversity! A corporate culture that recognizes individuality and diversity

What do you think is unique about your company?

The diversity of the company. Even if you are a foreign national, you can make full use of your career to date and be allowed to do things freely. Work at home was introduced before COVID and there is no dress code. I believe that everyone is “unique” and that the company recognizes diversity.

We can certainly say that we will be a more diverse company in the future.

In the true sense of the word, diversity is when there are many unique people and these people can work and be recognized without prejudice. I am also happy to say that I was selected as the MVP for fiscal 2020. I believe that this was won not by me personally, but by everyone on the team. I’m always really grateful to my team members.


We want to provide a better service.
And I also want to become a better QA engineer.

This is a great accomplishment. So, Karina, what are your future career goals?

My goal is to improve the user satisfaction of AdSIST, our enterprise service. I believe that in the future, AdSIST will grow into an even more important pillar than it is now. That’s why I want to make the service even better.

Do you have any career goals as an individual?

I would like to become a better QA engineer. I want to improve my skills and play an active role in the company. In that sense, I think it is great that I am involved in a service that is important to the company.

I see. How do you keep a balance between work and home life?

I do the day-to-day housework, but my husband does all the cleaning on the weekends. I also use a meal delivery service to make efficient use of my time and energy.

It is also very modern to use such services.

As a couple, we talk about our work.Thanks to the sharing of household chores and the use of substitute services, we are able to spend our weekends together playing games and refreshing ourselves.

Finally, what kind of people would you like to see join your company in the future?

Since I can work at my own pace, including work from home, everyone takes the initiative and work progresses very quickly. Therefore, I would like to work with energetic people who can think and communicate on their own.

Thank you very much for your time.

\The impression of Karina by the recruiter Milvain of ”COREKARA”/

She is positive and flexible to any situation.
She always treats people with respect and compassion and is a hard worker which makes her a great asset in many situations. She is truly a perfect fit for our core value of “COREKARA”.


Are you interested in joining us as a engineer?